Turn Your Metabolism Into A Fat Burning Machine

Published: 10th April 2009
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People seem to be putting themselves into categories these days. They like to blame their excess bellyfat or muffin top on some unfortunate genetic predisposition. They pass off the blame and temporarily they feel better, but as the fat mounts up they have a change of heart.

What a load of nonsense! You get fat by over eating, period! So where did the fat come from? Did it jump onto you out of thin air? You cannot build a house with no bricks like you cannot gain bodyfat if you have a so-called healthy diet.

Now here is where you can use excuses! After years of overeating or just plain poor eating you metabolism is shot. It has endured a lot and it needs a jumpstart! Have you got a 'slow metabolism' or the 'fat gene'? Finding it hard to lose weight? Keep reading and I will tell you how to combat it!

1. You MUST start to eat healthily and stop eating refined junk foods!

This is a given but too many people have started eating clean for months and had little or no weight loss. They give up, disheartened, and tuck into all that processed food again feeling sorry for themselves. I don't blame them actually; dealing with the fact that weight loss may not be immediate is hard for some people. You see, eating healthy isn't always enough at this stage, there is more! Your body needs to re-learn how to use fat for fuel.

2. You MUST start to train metabolically NOT economically to start breaking the fat loss plateau!

This one is a little harder to explain. The gym is packed full of people performing long drawn out cardiovascular work these days. They read somewhere that 30 minutes of cardio per day will make them 'healthy'. This is the American College Of Sports Medicine's (ACSM) fault. They failed to elaborate that this recommendation was for heart health and NOT weight loss. As a result the gym is full of endurance athletes! They are all doing 30, 60 even 90 minutes of long drawn out cardio and exit the gym delighted with themselves, they think they are getting fit and losing weight! Trouble is all they are doing is increasing their endurance! Endurance is the capacity to run for long periods of time using as little fuel as possible. In other words you are training your body to use LESS CALORIES every time you perform this type of activity. YES, your body uses fat for this low intensity exercise but each week the demands become less and less as your body becomes more economical and burns less fat each session.

3. You MUST train with intensity and not duration if you want to turn on the fat burning switch.

I see too many people, especially women pack gyms doing long 90 minute workouts, using pink weights and performing low intensity cardio. Do you really feel like it is enough to melt away stubborn bodyfat never mind tone up? Well I hate to burst your bubble but its not enough! A quality 30 minute workout using just your bodyweight and the floor will benefit you A LOT more than 90 minutes of aimless wandering that fails to address any of your goals. Tricep kickbacks, bicep curls and silly bosu ball squats are not going to cut it. training with variable intensity has the opposite effect to the endurance training above, it will serve to increase yout work capacity. Now that's what I'm talking about! Increasing your ability to work hard is the key to increasing fitness and burning nasty unwanted bellyfat!

Case Study:

Do you train 90 minutes per day, 5 days per week, and eat reasonably healthy? You have been training like this for over a year and you have paid numerous personal trainers to 'fix' the problem but all the programmes are generic and fail to help you achieve your goals? You need to go out on your own and eat clean, train metabolically and with intensity. This is the key to your fat burning problems.


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