Long Term Weight Loss

Published: 25th February 2009
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One thing that really bugs me is the term 'I'm on a diet'. In its very nature it is suggesting that the outcome is only temporary! I mean, the outcome of the diet is always 'I want to look good for the holidays'? How about 'I want to look good, Period!'

'Dieting' is over rated anyway! Now i am going to be real with you. How many calories can you possibly restrict from your diet? 100/day? 200/day? How many calories can you possibly burn in a workout? Same again? Well let's do the math. . 200 calories per day through diet restriction and 200/day training equals 400 calories. Multiply that by 7(days in the week) thats 2800 calories. Now if we convert that into fat mass it equates to 310 grams of fat, a little over half a pound. Now that is not considering the fact that your metabolism will slow due to caloric restriction through the week. I know it sounds harsh but if you want to lose FAT long term you have to adopt the lifestyle and you are in it for the long haul. There are no quick fixes, no fast diets! This does not mean you have to be hungry for the rest of your life, oh no, but it does mean you will have to CHANGE.

Everyone really needs to shift their mindset on this one! Here are 4 tips to make sure your weight loss goals are attainable!

1. Write it down.

When I say write it down I mean be specific. That does not mean 'I want to lose 10lbs' I know this is a quantifiable measurement but we want something that means something to you! It means:

Lose 4" on my waist Feel better, Drop a dress size Be able to do 10 push ups/chin ups

These are 'performance goals' they can be assessed and progress can be noted. That's what we want. There is too much disappointment out there, after a week SOLID or training and living a 'performance lifestyle' there is no change on the scales. But there may be a body composition shift. Something may fit better, you may FEEL better. Still a positive result!

2. Be un-realistic.

If you are realistic you will probably get there but once you get there what then? Get fat again? I don't think so! Set unrealistic goals and who knows. . you may attain them some day! But for now you will be constantly striving to achieve them!

3. Make yourself accountable.

Tell people about your imminent transformation! Spread the word! The more you tell the better! It's very hard to NOT do something when everyone knows! But remember tell positive people. If you tell negative people, also known as 'saboteurs', they will try with all their might to bring you down out of jealousy! They do not possess the perseverance to stick to the plan that you are on! Don't let them take you down along with them!

4. Make a wager.

That's right! Make a bet with someone, prove them wrong! 'I bet you I can lose 28 pounds in the next 12 weeks' place a value on the bet and take it from there! It doesn't have to be cash it can be anything. But the fact you have money on the line as well as your pride you MUST complete the challenge!

If you follow the above quick tips you are well on your way! Notice that there is not a mention of carbs or fat or Atkins or anything. Just YOU!

You are to blame and you are the only one that can fix it!


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