Gaining Weight For Skinny Guys

Published: 09th April 2009
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There are genetic factors that decide if one individual will gain muscle faster than another. It will definitely be harder for some men to gain lean muscle fast but it is not impossible. Problem is that the skinny guys are the same people who overtrain for 3 weeks and follow a diluted bodybuilding programme, that consists of bicep curls and tricep extensions and accept the 'hardgainer' or 'ectomorph' label that they are given.

Hard luck! You may not put on muscle as easily as the 300lb wrecking ball in the gym, but you can still make serious progress. . it will just take time and dedication and careful planning. Not unlimited numbers of bicep curls and protein shakes.

In order to gain muscle you need to eat big and lift big! Some secret isn't it? You need to eat sufficient calories that you have enough raw materials to adapt and grow. You need to eat enough protein! This one is obvious and if you didn't know that you need to get back to the drawing board! Muscle is made out of protein. . you would not believe that some people thing a glass of milk and some slices of ham in their sandwich is enough! I hate to burst your bubble but it's not, you need to eat lots of whole protein from natural sources. Eating bread and chocolate and trying to compensate by guzzling protein shakes will not cut it! You need chicken, fish, beef, nuts, seeds eggs and cottage cheese along with adequate amounts of healthy fats to provide enough calories to build muscle!

You need to lift heavy! There are the small percentage of people that actually have their nutrition in order! Great! But instead of growing they get fat. The silly isolation isolation exercises they perform when they start out and neglect the heavy lifts that are going to make them stronger and bigger!

it is currently accepted that if you are an ectomorph you have little or no potential. It couldn't be further from the truth, it's a blessing! You see, genetically gifted individuals only have to 'half do it' and they will make significant gains. The will be big and maybe have a little definition yea, they will look 'good'. The person who has to work HARD and make no mistakes for even the most miniscule gains in muscle and loss of bodyfat is the person who, in time, will have a GREAT physique. And you know what? They will always possess that knowledge that got them there. The behaviour and lifestyle that got them there makes them the expert, they will be the 'go-to-guy' when it comes to muscle gain and fat loss, no the big antelope who is still grunting doing his concentration curls in the corner. The skinny guy has made a transformation, knows his stuff and more often than no takes up a career in health and fitness and becomes an expert.


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